5 things to do before starting to learn a new language

1. Search for advices

Do you know why you need advices?
First, you will see you’re not alone. There are million people all around the world who are also learning foreign language and most of them got fluent in that language. They can do it, so can you!
Second, you will save more time. On the internet you can find thousand ideas for language learning. You will see how people did it and often they share their tips and their experiences. As I wrote, we’re different and we learn everything in many different ways, but you never know if some thing is suit for you, until you try it. So try all the tips that you have never tried before. If it works for you, so keep going on, if not, please forget it! You always have many choices in your life.
Last, you can find quickly the best sources for your study. For example: applications, websites or books and so on.

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9 reasons why you should learn a foreign language

1. Study abroad

There are now many types of scholarships, such as private or public, for each type of scholarship that you can find on the internet. In order to apply for scholarship, you have to put a lot of efforts into improving your language to be chosen. Speaking the language of the country where you study will help you adjust to the new country and new people. English is now almost a common language in the world, usually if people speak English, they will use English to communicate with foreigners. It does not mean that if you study in a non-English speaking country, you do not need to learn their language. Indigenous people will be happy to hear you speak their language and usually they are happy to help if they see your efforts.

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Welcome to The Keys

Hi every one! Welcome to my first post!

I have some questions for you!

Are you learning a foreign language now?
I guess the answer is YES. If NO you are not reading my blog now 🙂

Are you enjoying learning a new language or struggling with it?

Are you a beginner language learning and you do not know where to get start?

Do you want to speak fluently that language but you study alone and you do not have chance to practice it with native speakers?

Do you want to remember vocabulary faster and longer?

Are you looking for tips or methods that can help you learn more effective and faster?

If the answers for all questions is YES, so CONGRATULATION! YOU FOUND THE RIGHT PLACE!
I am here to share with you my tips to learn languages, especially English, Russian and Finnish. I believe that learning language is not too difficult if you know the keys to the language. So what do I mean? The keys here is the ways or the methods that you use when you learn a new language, for example: how to pronounce in the right way, how to speak fluently, how to learn grammar quickly, how to use the language or how to practice it, especially when you do not live in that country where people speak that language or maybe you do not have any foreign friends or native speakers who can help you, practice with you and so on.

Please take note when you see some tip which you have never tried and do it! I know that my tips work for me but maybe they do not work for you because we are different, so we learn everything in many different ways. However you never know if it is suit for you until you try it. So do it and do exactly what I recommended you to do. If it is useful and helps you, so keep going on. If not, forget it and find a better way for you! We always have choice!

Thank you for reading!