How to avoid making mistakes

Are you learning a foreign language? Are you comfortable to get into conversation with native speakers or scared of mistakes? Here are some tips for speaking more confidently.

1. Dare to make mistakes

It sounds strange, doesn’t it? Mistake is your good friend. Yah, it’s true. When you want to speak right, you have to be wrong a few times. Mistake helps us recognize the holes of our knowledge and then we correct it, we’ll get better at that language. Continue reading “How to avoid making mistakes”

How to improve English?

English is the most popular language in the world. Once you speak English, you have the key to the door to the big world. Spending time to improve English means you are having a good prepare for your bright future. Here are some ways to help you get better in English. Continue reading “How to improve English?”

Laughing in Other Languages

This is really interesting article!

English-Language Thoughts

Perhaps it’s appropriate that laugh is a funny word. Not funny ha ha at least, but certainly funny peculiar. Take a moment to put the word out of your mind, to forget about it, and particularly how it sounds. Now imagine seeing it for the first time, without any context, and try to think how you might pronounce it. I certainly wouldn’t be obvious that it’s pronounced /læf/ or /lɑ:f/. While -gh can often sound like f, it’s not always obvious. Thankfully, if we don’t want to use the word laugh, we can find alternatives.

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Should we learn many languages at the same time?

Learning languages always takes time. That is why it would be great if we can learn many languages at the same time. Is it possible? The answer is YES! But should we learn multiple languages at once? I think it depends on people and their ability.

Some disadvantages when learning multiple languages

It’s easy to confuse this language with another language or mix up languages when speaking

It requires a high level of concentration, as when you don’t pay attention to your study, you would mistake the pronunciation of this language for other languages.
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Weekly German report #1

Do you know what NATO means?

NATO is not The North Atlantic Treaty Organization

NATO here is an acronym of  ” No action, Talk only“. I learned this word in a Soft Skill course whose name is Awake Your Power when I was sophomore at my university. My teacher advised us not to trust people who always speak a lot about what they want to get in their life, but  they don’t take any action to prove their words. Because words without actions are just lies.

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Liebster Award

I was really surprised today when I received this award from Naill .

Honestly,  I’m a newbie blogger on WordPress and I didn’t know about Liebster Award until Naill nominated me. Thank you again for nominating me, Naill! I highly appreciate it!

English-Language Thoughts is my first favorite blog. His style of writing interests me. I have learned a lot from his blog and so do you. Reading blog posts is also a great way to improve my English. I always pay attention to the ways people use vocabulary and when I find out some interesting phrases, I’ll take note them.

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Language course or self-study at home?

Many people want to learn a new language and they may think about going to language course first. Is it worth going to language course? I will show you why self-study at home is better.

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