About The Keys

10 years ago when I studied in high school, the subject that I hated so much is English language. I could not understand all of its grammar. Well, I passed my entrance examinations into my university with big surprise, because I had no ideas about my English exam, it was crazy and I just chose the answers by chance. Yes, I did it and I did not know that studying in my university would open me a big chance to learn languages in the future. I thought that I did not have any talent for language learning. My way to fluently English speaking is so far and it has taken a lot of time. In university I had studied English for 2 years, I meet some English native speakers and I started speaking English. I liked it. But then I found out that it was so hard to learn English and Russian in the same time, so I gave up on English. I wanted to focus on Russian, but at that time I also realized that I fell in love with English. I have not studied grammar anymore, but I read in English sometimes. Now I am studying my third foreign language- Finnish and realized that language is not difficult to learn than I thought. Well, and important thing is I always love English, but I do not have chance to practice it. So this blog will help me to think and write in English and I also want to share with you my keys to languages, especially Russian, Finnish and English. I am really grateful for your correcting with my English words and grammars.

Some words about The Keys

“Each nation has its own mysterious treasures. They are hidden in a casket and locked by a magical lock called “language”. If you find the key to unlock this lock, all the treasures will belong to you. ”

Yes, language is not difficult if you know how to learn it. Of course you do not need to have talent to learn a language. If you can speak, so you can learn a new language anytime and anywhere you want. Learning a language is not about trying to learn all the vocabulary or grammar, but you need to know the good methods to make it easy to remember.



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