Should we learn many languages at the same time?

Learning languages always takes time. That is why it would be great if we can learn many languages at the same time. Is it possible? The answer is YES! But should we learn multiple languages at once? I think it depends on people and their ability.

Some disadvantages when learning multiple languages

It’s easy to confuse this language with another language or mix up languages when speaking

It requires a high level of concentration, as when you don’t pay attention to your study, you would mistake the pronunciation of this language for other languages.


“Ananas” in Finnish : the stress falls into the first syllable

“ananAs” in Russian: the stress falls into the third syllable

“warm” in German is read more like “varm”, but in English is like “quarm” (qu- in the word “question”)

A child was born in a multilingual family with father is American and mother is Russian and his family lives in Finland. It will take a long time for him to be able to speak. He needs time to get acquainted with the different sounds and depending on the ability of each child, it can affect their language learning. Conversely, for a child who was born in family where his parents speak the same language will be able to speak much earlier.

We also need to be familiar with the intonation of the new language when we start learning, so that we can pronounce correctly. For the slow learners it is very difficult to distinguish sounds between languages and imitate them.

If you learn language in different courses and you have your job, you will probably spend a lot of time and money going from one course to another.

You can waste your time and do not get the results as you want if you aren’t the one who can do many tasks at the same time.

Anyway, if you have the ability to learn many languages at the same time, there are many advantages for you

You can save time. Imagine a person who learn a language in one year. It will take up to 3 years for 3 languages. But if you can study three languages at the same time, it will take only one year.

Knowing many languages is an advantage for you when applying to work in multinational companies. You can earn higher salary than normal and have the opportunity to travel abroad to many different countries. In addition, you can work part-time to earn extra income as a freelancer with part-time job online or as a collaborator for a translation company.

Learning multiple languages at once does not mean you have to start them at the same time. You can start with one language first, for example, you’ve learned French, and a few months later , when you find yourself accustomed to this language and no longer have difficulty in  speaking, you can start another language. Then you just need to arrange time to improve your French and to be familiar with the new language.

Before we start doing something we should always find a reason enough to not give up midway. So, depending on the purpose, learning a variety of languages will be useful for your work, study or just for your hobby. But remember to be balanced, do not let learn many foreign languages affect your work and health! 




Author: The Keys

I'm a simple woman, love languages, reading books, travel, photography, yoga, communicating with people. I try my best everyday to get what I want and improve myself to be better than I was yesterday.

5 thoughts on “Should we learn many languages at the same time?”

  1. I think how similar languages are is a really important factor. I learned a little Italian, but then when I went back to learning French, it felt like it pushed the Italian out, and if I tried to think of an Italian word, my brain would insist on the French word. Even sometimes with Irish, which I learned from early childhood, sometimes if I can’t think of a French word, I’ll think of the Irish word.

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      1. Yeah I find it’s more confusing when they’re more similar. With Irish, there’s a Latin basis but the sound and spelling are very different. Because it’s so different French, I find it easier to keep both in my head. But I find Italian so similar to French and find that I can only remember the French words.

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