Weekly German report #1

Do you know what NATO means?

NATO is not The North Atlantic Treaty Organization

NATO here is an acronym of  ” No action, Talk only“. I learned this word in a Soft Skill course whose name is Awake Your Power when I was sophomore at my university. My teacher advised us not to trust people who always speak a lot about what they want to get in their life, but  they don’t take any action to prove their words. Because words without actions are just lies.

My tips here are all what I have gotten after many years learning languages. Actually I didn’t use all of them before, so I don’t know how they work.

I’m learning German now and I’m using all my tips to learn my fourth foreign language (my mother tongue is Vietnamese). It has been two weeks since I started to learn German. How do I feel about this language? Well, actually I’m still struggling with pronunciation of the German “R” which is very weird! It hurts my throat so much when I practice it. I found this YouTube video for practicing the “R”. It’s really funny. I just did exactly what she told me to do and then laugh out loud.

Do you know about the fingerprints? Take a look here if you first hear about them. Yah, I’m an Arch and I adapt to everything very slowly (I wasted almost one year to find the feeling of being home in Finland). If someone who is Whorl or Loop learns something in one week, so it’ll take me two week to learn, so I have to practice harder than other people. I just want to say that I haven’t gotten used to the sound of German yet. Just keep listening, right?

As I wrote on my previous blog post ” 5 things to do before starting to learn a new language” and ” Beginner should do these things first

  • I chose German because get fluent in German is written in my bucket list and another reason is that I love languages and Angela Merkel, even though I’m not interested in politic.
  • I’ve searched for advices. I read some, but I just remember Benny’s website fluentin3months.com He has a great huge websites with many hacks and tips for learning languages. I found some resources there, but all of them are not free.
  • I watch YouTube videos of Ania  I like her, because she always has a big smile on her face and her teaching way is funny.
  • I signed up an account on Italki, but I haven’t write anything yet, I think I should start today, because I’ve already known some phrases.
  • I’ve not used any textbook yet, because I’m lazy to learn grammar, just enjoying all the lessons that Duolingo gives me.
  • I found one audio book that I enjoying listening so much whose name is Learn Anywhere: German, Level 1 by Henry N. Raymond. I’m learning some basic phrases first.
  • I want to get level B1 in German in 6 months. I show you my deadline in detail. What I need to do now is learn vocabulary everyday. I do like I did with Finnish, learn 20 words per day and review all words every morning.

The most important thing in language learning is speaking. Let’s see how I will speak German in the next two weeks. Maybe I’ll show you my video.

Ok, what I want to say here is I’m not a NATO.  Let’s see how all my tips help me learn German! Do you have any advice for me?

Thank you for reading!


Author: The Keys

I'm a simple woman, love languages, reading books, travel, photography, yoga, communicating with people. I try my best everyday to get what I want and improve myself to be better than I was yesterday.

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