Language course or self-study at home?

Many people want to learn a new language and they may think about going to language course first. Is it worth going to language course? I will show you why self-study at home is better.

First, I want to talk about what you will get in language course.

Materials: when you study with a teacher, you can receive many good resources and it will take time to look for good material. Teacher can recommend you which books are good and suit to your level or websites or dictionary…
Coursemates and Practice speaking: Some people don’t want to practice with their coursemates for some reasons such as: their classmates don’t speak that language well and people don’t want to listen to wrong language or they don’t want to waste their time to correct their partner. But actually practice with classmates is also useful way to become familiar with speaking and it helps you train your language reflection. Even you can get a good friend who can practice with you and you both can help each other get better at language learning.

Yah, there are some advantages of courses like that. Anyway, there are also some disadvantages, such as: you can waste your time and money if you choose wrong courses. Language courses are usually expensive and last for a short time. Actually if you study alone you don’t need a good teacher, but when you go to course, you may want an inspirable teacher who will give you motivation and helps you move forward with his methods. What if his ways of teaching or methods aren’t suit you? Your teacher also can help you realize your mistakes in pronunciation. But what if your teacher also pronounces in the wrong way? There are some courses in which you are taught only grammar and you don’t have chance to practice speaking and of course you just waste your time in this kind of language course.
All my teachers said that spending time to study with them was not enough, but we should learn more by ourselves at home. So why we have to go to language course, pay for our study, then spend time to sit in the class and learn limited knowledge? Why don’t we just take time to study well at home?

Second, here are some advantages of self-study.

  • Control your own time: you can learn when you have free time or you can schedule your time for study. In the course, you can’t learn four skills in a day, your teacher just chooses one or two of them to teach you. But when you study alone you can divide your learning time into small parts and it is possible for training listening, speaking, reading and writing everyday!
  • Have more time: you don’t have to go to language center and don’t need to do homework, so you can economize couple of hours for self-study. Your friends maybe don’t have the same level as you, so sometimes you may have to wait when your teacher explain grammar to all your classmates. It may also steal your time!
  • Learn freely: you can study by many resources as you want. Watch videos on YouTube, do grammar exercises, learn vocabulary, training speaking skill. Your knowledge is not limited. You can learn anything what comes to your mind, like you want to know how to say something in that language, just look for it on the Internet.
  • Remember faster and longer: when you look for something actively, you’ll pay attention to it and your brain will focus on it all the time, so absolutely you will remember it better.

Anyway, self-study can be tough and not all people can apply this way for language learning. Maybe it requires  your experience of language learning too. So what do you refer language course or self-study?


Thank you for reading!




Author: The Keys

I'm a simple woman, love languages, reading books, travel, photography, yoga, communicating with people. I try my best everyday to get what I want and improve myself to be better than I was yesterday.

4 thoughts on “Language course or self-study at home?”

  1. Working in a language school, I have to say a language course is best. Practically though, I know self-study is easier and cheaper for most people. It’s how I try to improve my French. Though even with a language course, I always recommend students study and practise outside the classroom.

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    1. Yah, my teachers always say that they were our guide to language, but we had to practice and get better by ourselves. I think self study would be great for students who have learned 2 languages or more. I mean when they have experiences of language learning, so they know how to start and what they need to do at first.


  2. Well, I learnt English basics in a school. Spanish, I learnt like a child while working 4½ months in Spain. French I learnt by translating French book using dictionary. After translating 10 books, it was very seldom when I need to use dictionary. Portuguese I learnt on two winter courses which were held once a week. In school, I learnt also German and Swedish, but I have not had any use for them, I understand a lot, but to express myself in them is not easy.

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